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Monthly Archive for April, 2010

Three COMP students presented posters about their research recently, and these posters are all up on the sixth floor. Please come by and take a look! Sam DeFabbia-Kane’s poster is titled “Detecting Denial of Service Attacks on a Simulated Tor Network,” and is based on research he conducted during his independent study with Professors Danner […]

Senior Honors Lecture

Please join us for the Senior Honors Lecture for Duane Lê (’10). Friday, April 23 1:00 p.m. Room 618 SC Title: Regularity of Lebesgue measure and Besicovitch sets Abstract: We will discuss a striking regularity property concerning the measures of -dimensional slices of sets of finite measure in , when . This regularity is not guaranteed to […]

Please join us for the Senior Honors Thesis Defense for Nathan Fieldsteel (’10). Thursday, April 22 4:15 p.m. Room 638 SC Abstract: We will present a generalization of the Alexander module, which aims to distinguish knots by constructing modules corresponding to certain regular covering spaces of the knot complement. We will present a numerical invariant that […]

Please join us for the Senior Honors Thesis Defense for Erik Holum (’10). Friday, April 23 4:00 p.m. Room 638 SC Abstract: Given two knots, and , a fundamental problem in low dimensional topology is determining if and are equivalent. Knot invariants are a key tool in determining this equivalence. We will define an integer […]

K-State REU

Students still interested in opportunities for a summer REU should consider the Kansas State SUMaR program. Pending final approval, the program will fund students for an eight-week research visit. The core focus will be on cryptology, but other subjects will be studied in the research projects. Because of the late announcement, this opportunity may be […]

Dr. Jill Tarter, Director for the Center for SETI Research, will be giving a talk entitled “Are We Alone?” this Tuesday, April 13, at 8 p.m. in the Daniel Family Common (3rd floor of Usdan). From the announcement (via the Department of Astromony): Aliens abound on the movie screens, but in reality we are still trying to […]

The Computer Science department is looking to hire a systems administrator to manage its two servers and the CS Lab and preform other miscellaneous related duties. This is an hourly position starting in Fall 2010 (though availability in Summer 2010 would be nice) with a pay rate in the $10-$12/hour range, depending on experience. The […]

CONNECTICUT – TRINITY – WESLEYAN COMPUTER SCIENCE CONSORTIUM DISTINGUISHED LECTURE SERIES Speaker: Nick Mathewson, The Tor Project Title: Tor: Anonymous communication for everybody Time/place: Wednesday, 07 April 2010 at 7:00pm in Woodhead Lounge. Dessert reception to follow the talk. See the CTW Events Website for more details about this and other events. Description: This talk […]