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Tufts University is announcing an innovative program between the Education, Mathematics, and Physics departments to help math, science, and engineering students go into secondary school teaching. Quoting: We are currently recruiting mathematics and science majors who will have a Bachelor’s Degree by June, 2012, for the NSF Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program at Tufts University.  […]

The Department of Mathematics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln invites applications from students for the 2011 Nebraska IMMERSE (Intensive Mathematics: A Mentoring, Education and Research Summer Experience) Program. Nebraska IMMERSE is a six-week summer program to help such students make the transition from undergraduate to graduate work, funded by a grant from the NSF’s EMSW21 […]

The Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics is an annual event which offers talented women in the mathematics major to meet and connect with other women, at all stages of their careers, in the mathematical sciences. Participants have a chance to learn about life in graduate school from current graduate students. In recent years, […]

Each year, the National Science Foundation awards fellowships to graduate students in the sciences to support their pursuit of a Ph.D. at a research university. The NSF intends to fund roughly 2,000 such fellowships next year. The American Mathematical Society has noted that students pursuing graduate studies in mathematics rarely apply for these fellowships, and […]

Georgetown University is actively recruiting for their Masters of Science Program in Biostatistics, which includes tracks for Bioinformatics and Epidemiology. Are you interested in genetics, bioterrorism, international health, bioinformatics, epidemiology or health policy? This program may be an attractive option for you to consider. The application deadline is June 1, 2010. For more information, visit: […]

Students interested in graduate study related to mathematics and/or computer science may be interested in the new Software Engineering degree (M.S.) being offered by the Rochester Institute of Technology. You can learn more information at the following link: http://www.se.rit.edu/grad, or contact the Graduate Program Director, Dr. Stephanie Ludi, directly at grad@se.rit.edu.

Students considering graduate school may be interested in the M.S./Ph.D. programs in Operations Research at MIT. The program searches for students with a strong mathematical foundation who have a “genuine interest in applying mathematics to the `real world.’” To learn more, contact the Graduate Admissions Coordinator, Laura Rose (lrose ‘at’ mit.edu), or visit them at: MIT/ORC.